Hanwell Pro

Hanwell Pro is a superior professional environmental monitoring solution.

The Hanwell Pro system features high accuracy sensors, LCD display and unrivalled radio strength, which allows our system to overcome the most complex obstacles. Nothing on the market can match the comprehensive technology that is available through the Hanwell Pro range.

24/7 comprehensive monitoring technology like no other.

Hardware features:

  • Wide range of configuration options
  • LCD display for a variety of transmitters
  • Reliable, accurate and durable hardware suitable for long-term monitoring
  • Clean and discreet design
  • Long-life, user changeable batteries

As an organisation’s needs grow, so can the Hanwell Pro system:

Temperature & Humidity
Flood & Leak
Differential Pressure
Light & UV
Air Flow

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Cloud Connected

Remote Monitoring

Get connected to the Cloud and monitor all you sensors across multiple sites. Set up alert notifications via email, text message, and automated phone call. Run reports, incident management and more.

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