Heathcare Monitoring

Improve efficiency, patient safety, customer service, and compliance with JTF Wireless.

Robust sensor technology and data analytics is paramount for the operation of almost any hospital department or laboratory.  Our environmental monitoring solutions enable healthcare professionals to adhere to regulations set out by UKAS and the MHRA by proactively monitoring almost any application including blood banks, fridges, operating theatres, ambient locations, incubators, freezers, and many more.  Receive and respond to alarm notifications, enter corrective and preventative actions, and analyse historical data and trends in an effort to maintain the storage temperatures of all medicines and blood products.

Bring quality and compliance reporting to the forefront with JTF monitoring solutions.

Monitoring temperature, humidity, and other conditions is a key business challenge, and the emergence of low-cost, high performance sensor technologies has turned that challenge into an opportunity for insights and organisational improvements. JTF Wireless solutions can provide visibility of temperature-sensitive products within your hospital department or laboratory, and give an end-to-end system for quality control and incident management throughout the entire supply-chain.  Our solutions are across hundreds of NHS and private hospital locations throughout the UK and abroad, offering the most up to date monitoring solutions available today.

24/7 comprehensive monitoring technology like no other.

Cloud Connected

Remote Monitoring

Get connected to the Cloud and monitor all you sensors across multiple sites. Set up alert notifications via email, text message, and automated phone call. Run reports, incident management and more.

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